Is it just me or is the Second Life Mac Viewer the worst it’s been for a while?

The performance of the Second Life mac viewer is the worst it has been for a long time. It is so bad it actually makes me not want to login.

The performance really started to degrade more than it usually is just before Fantasy Faire. I put it down to traditional low performance before major SL events but its persisted and perhaps got worst. maybe i should be filling Jira reports but I’m not really sure where to start and i’m never sure if its just me who’s having the troubles.

When i say poor performance i don’t mean low frame rates. I’m a mac user so am used to existing and working in a low FPS world. The performance loss starts with simply logging in. It’s taking three times longer than usual just to log in. Once i arrive inworld i am greeted with the usual ‘wheres the dam cache?’ phenomenon. Non existent cache has been around for me ever since the lab switched to using CDN’s to quickly deliver nothing for 3 minutes. This is ok as long as I’m not crashing at an event where i need to quickly get back into SL. It’s the next thing thats really causing me grief.

The UI has become a sticky horrid experience of constant pauses. It used to be that when i clicked to open preferences window i’d get a pause of about five seconds. Now that pause has gone up to 20 seconds and isn’t localised to just preferences, it happens when you open an IM with someone, click to open inventory, and most annoyingly clicking to open the texture window when editing objects. It’s driving me mad.

Also should mention i still can’t post snapshots to my SL feed since the last official viewer update.

The performance drop is across all the official Viewers and release candidate viewers. Of course it’s not happened in the Firestorm viewer, either because the Firestorm viewer has yet to add this performance drop or because the firestorm viewer is 64bit. I don’t know.

I don’t want to use the Firestorm viewer even though it gives a smoother frame rate experience. I find it bloated with options and features, but i may have to if I’m going to build an Exhibit for SL13B. Makes me wonder what we’re going to be celebrating. Not improved stability, well i won’t be.

Is anyone else is having the same performance drop? i’d like to know incase it is just me and my stupid computer is to blame. That would be embarrassing.

8 thoughts on “Is it just me or is the Second Life Mac Viewer the worst it’s been for a while?

  1. I fear that i could only advise you to change the os to win 7, but i know it is unwise to try to convince apple users to change for white brand desktop computers, that you can assemble as you wish.
    Guess some conclusion did the lab reach, as they are dropping support for any os that not windows.

  2. Try Kokua. I am using Linux, which is not working at all with the official viewer, but I have no problems with Kokua, they even provide 64bit and the UI is almost the same as the official viewer.

  3. As a long time fan of the official viewer, I’ve recently made the move to Firestorm because the official viewer on the Mac is just fraught with instability.

    Very frustrating, but there are some serious issues with it that they do not seem able to fix, and for me at least – this has persisted for about a year now.

    I just assumed it was normal to crash in SL in any crowd of people over a handful… that there were too many people with laggy stuff these days… but I decided to prove it to myself, tried Firestorm, and my crashes went away…

    Not happy to give up the viewer I prefer, but right now it is just not usable…

  4. The secondlife viewer is graphucswise mabye faster. But lack of important functonality makes it less good.

    Now i watched the video, it looks like the secondlife viewer is drowing. Still raise questions like.

    How old is your router ?

    Have you turned of the mode and router if the re seperate and turned it after short wait on ? is it working. better then ?

    Is your mac wired or wireless connected ?

    What is the texture and network bandwidth setting in the secondlife viewer ? compared to firestorm. The can be different, mabye secondlife is set to high.

    there’s a change because you mabye have old router that http request are creating problems, especially if it using wireless. Possible firestorm use a lower setting of total http requests that can be made at the same time and avoid or delay the problem.

    It keeps hard to find a problem remote.

    Anyway a windows 10 pc for gaming is not a bad idea. And keep the existing one for all the other things you do. Yes windows 10, not 7. it’s better with newer things and faster.

    I still suspect your mode/router or both.

    You can also check if something helps from this page

  5. SL on macOS is just a total disaster. I’ve quit SL over a year ago because it’s simply unusable on macOS unless you’re ok with the viewer slowing down the entire OS. I was hoping that LL would’ve switched to a Swift coded Metal compatible viewer by now but nope, they’re still not up to date with macOS’s latest enhancements. I really want to return to SL but LL really needs to wake up and catch up with the latest technology. OpenGL is dead.

  6. After years of not logging on I decided to download the latest version to try it out and it won’t even open. But after reading this I guess I won’t even bother trying to fix the issue. I’ll go back to Gaia Online I guess. >_<!

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