Escapades Island lower rentals are coming

So with Fantasy Faire out of the way i had a short break, but managed to get round to sorting things out with Escapades Island taking advantage of Linden Labs latest offer to buy down the islands tier. 

Paying a one off $600 fee reduced the monthly maintenance tier from $295 down to $195. Now obviously i want get some of that one off fee back, but i also want the islands residents to benefit from the lower rental costs as soon as possible.

The plan i have decided is to keep the Pro plot and Cabin rentals as they are for a further three months allowing me to make back $300 of the one off payment. I will also set up a donation board to raise a further $150 by July 21st which if successful, i hope will be when the new rental costs will come into effect.

I want to thank everyone who has stuck by Escapades Island and rented Pro Plots and Cabins at and I’m looking forward to lowering your rent at last.


The lower rental costs will be as follows. (unless i change them again)

Basic Cabin rentals with 90Li allowance – from L$200pw down to L$140pw

Pro Plots 512 with 234Li allowance – from L$500pw down to L$325pw

Pro Plots 2014 with 468Li allowance – from L1000pw down to L$650pw


If you would like to donate towards part of the one off fee you can do so by visiting the donation thermometers located at Nemo beach and Rickety Town Centre.


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