Levelling up in #SL

I looked at splitting the different layers of SL interaction into Levels of skill achievements.
Level 0: Spectator
Characteristics: looks like one of the default avatars. Seems kind of clumsy in their movement. Talks alot
Skills: Basic Viewer prohibits them from doing anything other than walk and talk.
Achieved by: Making a second life account.
Level 1: Newb
Characteristics: Walks around looking for something to do and people to teach them. Can often be found in Avatar edit pose surrounded by rezzed boxes of free stuff.
Skills: Very basic movement. Basic Knowledge of inventory
Achieved by: Changing from Basic viewer to Advanced viewer.
Level 2: Consumer
Characteristics: Drops boxes bought on marketplace all over the place. Can be found hanging out at clubs. Frequently arriving at Destination guide places looking for something to do.
Skills: Has learnt how to buy Linden dollars and uses marketplace and destination guide to have a good time meeting people. Has better understanding of inventory and has mastered the groups feature joining club groups. Fully capable of conversing with other avatars in an immersive fashion.
Achieved by: Buying Linden Dollars, joining groups and experimenting with the inventory. Also chatting to people.
Level 3: Contributor
Characteristics: Contributes to their virtual space either by creating objects, selling objects, roleplaying, blogging about their space, renting land, or causing drama.
Skills: Fully immersed in the SL experience to a level anyone below Level 3 can not comprehend. Has mastered at least some basic creative skills for example, scripting, Sculpties, 3D Mesh, texturing, ect.
Achieved by: Finding community and goals that inspire the user to contribute.
Level 4: Cultural Curator
Characteristics: This level is not necessarily achieved by one single person, in most cases a group of people form Cultural Curator status. They have at least 2 years of SL experience and fight to sustain the community which they have grown part of. Talks about almost nothing but Second Life. Is outraged at least once a week by something Linden Lab does.
Skills: Mastered almost all the Master creative skills. Owned or rented a lot of land. Has a broad understanding of Second Life how it works. Above all has achieved a purpose they could not achieve real world which they will defend until digital death!
Achieved by: Spending over2 years in SL. Owning Land. Being recognised by peers as being someone of influence. mastering some of the Master Creative Skills.
Ok i have no real evidence that this is at all accurate. My point is that there are levels of skill in SL and the gap between Newb and fully immersed contributing resident is vast.
Would it be a smart idea to build places that somehow catered to all these levels though? I don’t want to build a place thats dumbed down just for Level 0, but i also don’t want to build a place that you need to be a Level 3 to understand and interact. Food for my own thoughts….

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