#SL is full of hobbyists

So i had a town meeting on my #SL island yesterday to discuss recent activities and future ideas.  I discussed with my friends about the fact we get lots of visitors to the island, but how do we get them to contribute to the tier especially when they are in basic viewer and cant buy. In a way it’s a very ANTi business approach and more towards establishing a user base for SL. It’ up to us to convince new people to want to first change to advanced mode, and then choose to buy linden dollars, then persuade them to part with those dollars. Quite a task.

How much is that experience?
A few months ago i envisioned a future SL where we could market our inworld builds outside of SL, invite people in and experience something, maybe buy a souvenir, or tip.

If i decided to offer my story creative experience to other plot owners in SL? What is the reality of that? would someone be willing to pay me a fair wage per hour to build them an experience in SL?

Designers don’t tend to design for hobbyists and currently SL is full of hobbyists. Hobbyists will not be expecting to pay the sort of costs design and marketing agencies charge. Take the John King experience for instance. Fully original illustrations, scripted objects and fully realised 3D environment. If that was done as a website, how much do you think a client would be charged for it? a couple of grand?

You expect those sorts of prices for marketing projects, not hobbies or charities yet LL charge private landowners as if they are big business brands, i guess a left over from when all the brands left SL.

Marketplace is IMVU
A lot of people send me comments saying they still shop inworld and don’t use marketplace but the fact is im still making all my sales on marketplace, and none inworld. Even when we had the huge rush of residents new and old, none of the island plot owners saw any sign of an increase in inworld sales. 

Marketplace IS a separate experience to Second life now. I reckon you could detach it from SL and it would still thrive as it’s own thing. Actually i have no idea how well marketplace is doing at the moment. I think there is some possibilities in connecting marketplace back to the inworld, maybe even gaming the marketplace. 

Future Escapades
There is a warm fuzzy feeling around Escapades at the moment. Have had a few more people rent plots and with the influx of visitors there is always something happening. And there is more to come with ideas on charging to experience stories as well as catering for basic viewer newbs. And it does not stop inworld as i want to experiment with reaching outworld to.

It’s become a real island of adventure and one you cant experience in one visit.

After reading back what i wrote it occurred to me that the Hobbiest culture of SL is kinda synonymous with the Arts & Crafts culture.

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