CALLING ALL KID AVATARS, this is #FantasyFaireSL 2016

At fantasy Faire there is a role-play group for Kid Avatars called the Rickety Weasels and any kid avatars can join for free the gang to role-play the story as it unfolds over the coming week.

This year the group will be playing forgotten viking children who live unsupervised in the village fort of Echtra. We need players from all across the Child Avatar community to dress up as vikings and join us to uncover the mystery of the gloom.

“Travellers talk of village fort consumed by a gloom, where time there stands still bringing no rhyme of seasons. Tales speak of ghostly children that skitter amongst the long houses while the only spark of joy seems to erupt from the old Echtra Great Hall high up on hill. But there are clues to what has befallen the village and it’s people, all one must do is seek them out…”


All through the Fantasy Faire week there will be role-play events to help the story evolve while helping raise funds for ‘relay for life’. Not only that but you can also take part in the Echtra Experience and uncover the secrets of the land while collecting items to add to your character.

To take part in the Fantasy Faire Rickety Weasels role-play week…

• Simply turn up at the Echtra Great hall RP Corner SLURL HERE!.

• Viking or Norse clothes are available to buy at Fantasy Faire or you can bring your own.

• There is also a Role-play starter pack that includes, gestures, Axe and Shield.

• There is an event board with times at the Great Hall to plan ahead your week of adventure!

• To take part in the Echtra experience simply click the Echtra Experience Board located at the entrances to the Echtra Region , the village square or in the great hall.

• Have fun and explore the rest of Fantasy Faire!

For more information check the Fantasy Faire Rickety Weazels page.


The Role-play HQ at the Echtra Great Hall




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