Pirate Party at the John King Tavern with live indie band ‘engrama’ #SL

So after a month of preparation Escapades held another large event with the awesome band [engrama] playing live again. This time they also streamed live video of their Real World Selves into second life for us to see.

The New John King tavern set a great immersive setting for the band and many commented on how fun it was with almost 50 people packed into the small tavern. With settings low Lag proved not to much of an issue, even when we started a bar fight throwing stools across the room.

Thanks again to [engrama] for playing such an awesome gig, and thanks to everyone who turned up to the show.

If you are a music performer and would like to play at the John King tavern in future, please contact either Loki Eliot or Skyler Pooley in Second Life.

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