Goonies Adventure – Tableau "lets go to the candy mountain Charlie!" #SL

This month The Goonies gathered en force to set out on another adventure to a random sim. This usually entails me at the last minute checking the destination guide for something new.

Tableau caught my attention on the destination guide as we haven’t been to a desert sim before. I was slightly worried there would be nothing but desert. Oh was i wrong.

Quite a large group of us arrived at the awesome desert town of Tableau and there was plenty to see while chasing tumbleweeds. One thing to note is you MUST have the regions music stream playing, it really ads to the bizarreness.

What do kids do when they see a rusty old car?
Stand on it!
Myrtil find Bloodfangs home.
The Goonies make their way down the dusty town street.
Nat looks at me worried that he’s being snapped wearing
skin tight trousers again thanks to viewer2.
Suddenly we find a Candy mountain which reminds some of the Goonies
of a certain Unicorn called Charlie “lets go to the candy mountain charlie!”
With our kidneys still intact we headed over to what looked like a
rundown funfair. Nothing like a giant scary face to invite you in.
I wonder if this Bunny came from the same pet shop Kris got his?
After finding a secret hole we all found ourselves in a really awesome
bright glowing dance club.
Yti and Unix somehow caught a nasty spirit of jazz bug.
As the Sun started to set the Goonies ended up at an old
open air theatre where some of the Goons put on special free puppets.
The others watched with puzzled faces as the show went on. Something about
SL uprisings, Linden Lab and the end of M’s regime.
So once again the Goony Adventure comes to a close. What I thought might be a bit dull ended up being quite interesting with some nice surprises hidden about the place. Of course a Goony adventure is not a success unless some strangers day is made all the better by our goony presence. We met a couple who thought our massive gang of misfits were adorable and wanted a group photo next to the giant bunny, so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

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