#SL Goonies and the Giant Claw of DOOM!

It came down from high above the clouds and slowed to a halt above Myrtil’s magnificent windmill. A Hovering machine with three propellers, beneath which hung a huge claw. The Goonies only had minutes to gather before the claw clamped down on top the windmill. 

The call had be shouted, and the Goonies came prepared and the game was set to stop the Grand Master from taking off with our favourite Windmill!

After the Claw, the remaining Goonies ventured underground to see what else was on the list of Dastardly Plans. All that is left seems to be two plans about GIANT RAYGUNS and some story about a dragon?

Jimmy battles a Lizard man woken by our noise

eventually we retreat back to the surface.
Finally we retired to the Goondocks John King Tavern to celebrate our victory and Myrtil danced a funny jig 🙂

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