What is the Spirit of Second Life?


How much of what we are accustomed to in Second Life will port across to Project Sansar? There seems no shortage of debate about what Second Life features will be possible in Sansar. CEO Ebbe of Linden lab famously said something along the lines of ‘Project Sansar will be in the spirit of Second Life’. But what is the spirit of Second Life?

At the last Lab Chat CEO Ebbe said that there would be no inworld Primatives (prims) building toolset in Project Sansar and other stuff i have read give a picture of Spaces/Experiences where the creators will have ultimate god powers dictating your appearance and what you can do. Does this sound like the open world freedom we have in Second Life?

I spend a lot of time each week returning random prims left behind by Newb users visiting my island. “Why not switch on ‘no Build’  or ‘Auto Return’ i hear you say?  Well i’ve always felt this went against the principles of Second Life, i mean isn’t Second Life supposed to be a platform for freedom to experience and democratised content creation like Draxtor fervently celebrates with his videos?

The things i find being left behind by users are often just plywood boxes or the occasional table. Does anyone really still build with prims, or have they moved to making mesh, or worst, given up all together, discouraged by the growing number of complex low land impact mesh they have no idea how to make. The marketplace is a great resource for buying items, many people use it more than going to an inworld store these days. I bought my new Drax Cap from marketplace, I’m not even aware of wether it’s available to buy inworld.

I love seeing whats left behind by users though, it’s like seeing the footprints of adventurers on the island but It’s sometimes a lot of work maintaining the freedom of the island. Occasionally i have cabin renters complaining that they are fed up with others that can just stroll into their place and sleep in their bed. So i understand why most places in Second Life are locked down preventing people from building freely or rezzing stuff. It’s probably a combination of fear and laziness. Fear of having to deal with things being messed up and laziness to have to clean up others mess?

The junk yard on Escapades is a specific place for people to practice building, but usually ends up a mountain of prims.
The junk yard on Escapades is a specific place for people to practice building, but usually ends up a mountain of prims.

So i’m starting to wonder, when i sit down and look at how Second Life is actually working these days. No one really uses prims to build big content, only skilled or amateur 3D Artists are creating the content, most people buy items on the marketplace and most places on the destination guide are locked down preventing the rezzing of items. Is this the real spirit of Second life, and is this what will be refined and used as the basis for Project Sansar?

I still believe in the old open world of Second Life and still encourage my friends to build (it’s actually really hard to motivate people), But if Project Sansar turns out to be less open due to how we the Second Life community have ended up using SL, I actually don’t have a problem with that, but for those who still see Second Life through old school eyes might find Sansar an eye opening experience.

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  1. i made a similar post a while back https://ramblinginavirtualworldwithshug.wordpress.com/
    Prims are still useful and often the most Land Impact efficient method, especially for simple large objects.
    Basic build functions are invaluable even with purchased mesh objects. I frequently retexture stuff and resize is invaluable.
    It is beginning to look like Sansar will not be a sandbox world at all; not, at least in my opinion, in the Spirit of Second Life at all.

  2. I don’t think the masses of SL content creators use the prim, nore do the new users, so i think the lack of Prim creation tool in Sansar is a response to how the majority of SL users use SL. It has not been established yet what kind of tools there will be for positioning, resizing items in Sansar.

  3. Sansar may well become only snob resident builders limited to 1 or 2 per community. To get any residents LL wil have to have a large MKP from the get go. Mesh by conversion and assets via template may be off the table unless those paths from SL are tested and polished soon.

    • This possibly why Maya pros have been enlisted for the alpha and the content we’ve seen in the teaser pictures could be part of the initial content store.

      In the bowls of the Second Life inventories we still have the initial content Linden Lab gave out to new residents. Trees, chairs and other things. I don’t know the history of that original prim content, wether moles made them or staff at the lab.

  4. My experienceis that mesh beat prims. As soon you have two basic prim cubes that re converted to mesh you have already one land impact saved. prims are good to use as ruler, or make the basic shape you convert to mesh. Prims only are faster to work with and you see the result directly or can adjust it. But prims are also limited in what you can make.

    Only some mesh objects people created in secondlife could be used in sansar, it’s useless and bad to bring secondlife assets in sansar. Besides, lot’s of secondlife assets are not in the righ scale, and need to be redon to get final rd of the bad ugly not good looking secondlife scaling.

    Then we have the question why people not build in secondlife anymore. You can blame mesh. yes it make things harder, nut there other factors that slowdown creativity. the first thing is that to be creative you need hugh amount of land. It need to be hugh to have enough land impact. But hugh amount of land is so expensive in secondlife that it is still out of range for many. And no land means no reason to build a home,and make items to fill it.

    Then the other part, the mesh uploader is just terrible in secondlfe. your limited in the amount of verticles. But that is not the biggest problem. the mesh uploader works only with dae files. and have a imitation that u can only use 8 faces. linden lab implemented something that split amesh with more then 8 faces inot smaller œbject. sofar i kow not alwaysperfect. not seen it meself. If secondlife would work with some standard like fbx, you can make nice mesh build that look very good and only use very small textures 64×64 as example. I expect sansar will be much more easy with mesh. i think the will support FBX.

    You still need to learn blender, if you cab build with prims. lerning blender must be possible. But good tutorials and help from people is needed. Without help from some i would not have learned the last step.

    The possible want to implement it later stage some inworld build tool in sansar. but i expect that sansar have off course from day one some basic build tools to move and scale.

    Other way to help peoplebuild things by themself is if lindenlab or the marketplace is supplying build prts, like walls, doors, windows, roof. that people can change with textures. But this only idea. nobody knows how it really looks.

    I see not much problems in sansar, fr me sansar experience looks the same as private sim in secondlife or as example hypergrid region in opensim. It’s more important that sansar is in the budget of the normal person. few dollar/month to have big amount of land. Also hy would samsar not allow more people to build inside experience? Question for now is only ht is implemented at day one !? Sansar need parcels and a good permission system like secondlife. But better. We can at this point only guess.

    It btw would be a good idea if linden lab read this blog.Also a good idea if linden lab implement 3D parcels in secondlife so you can have apartments with every home it’s own parcel. it solves the problem with ‘i can sleep in any bed.’ and it fix the annoying ban line problem we have in secondlife.

    I see lot’s of possibilities with project sansar, more then could be done in seondlife. As long the mke sure some basic needs are availble like chat, basic build tool that works good with mouse. terrain with some basic water system. parcels etc. bit the basic things secondlife have. but do not expect something simmiliar like prims.

    Sansar sounds like a place you can have a world, good games, Better roleplay, or just a home from where you visit others.

    I have not much problems how sansar sounds now. Only would say, start learning blender ! mabye sansar works with sketchup or z-brush too etc.. Bigger problem is that we need to wait up to end of this 2016 before it’s going open. if the plans not change.

    • Well i guess you will still be able to do that, but instead of importing back into Sl, you could instead import into Sansar, so in a way SL becomes a creative tool for Sansar content :-p

  5. It’s a shame that many people still look negative at project sansar, not good for my creativity anyway. Yes only sansar or mabye high fidelity can bring my creativity back. If the can keep the price very low and give you enough land. In secondlife you can mabye build with old prims that are most of the time limited with what you can do. You cannot have enough land with a good view for a good price in secondlife. soo. WHAMM! creativity decreased to coin size. Not to mention that secondlife itself is based on old technology. So running it on ultra with shadow etc. No way i have a good card and computer, but the framerate and smooth movement is dropping below acceptable for my eyes, this is worse with firestorm. but the secondlife viewer is still a terrible one to work with.especially if you sometimes use the build tool. Besides one of my biggest problems with secondlife. the scale is wrong. I have problems with that from day one i found some workable build sizes, but it keeps looking out of scale. camera angle is another annoying one. and got confirmed after looking and testing in high fidelity.

    All the ‘I do not like sansar’ makes you think. Do i need to leave secondlife more behind me and concentrate on sansar when it’s time for it, and it’s cheap. because secondlife feels a dead end with old graphics difficult mesh building, wrong scale. Annoying sim borders for verhicles. Slow and sometimes annoying lsl scripting.

    It’s only known that secondife is old and limited in what you can do this days. especially action games are a challenge and still taped together with ductape. it works, but can be slow.

    If sansar is really cheap to have land, it can be a gift to. Because i think that means less drama around shared sims that get payed by more people to have some expensive sim in secondlife.

    But, to give answered on this questions there’s not enough info about sansar.

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