Goony Pirates Invade Antiquity Tortuga Castle GARGH!! #SL

So Sam sends out a group notice that most of us get via the buggy group notices, then we spread the word over the buggy group chat for the 160 goonies to meet at Tortuga to invade a Castle. About 8 of us eventually turn up and we took to the cannon mounted row boats.

Linden Lag tries it’s best to slow us down but us Goonies are persistent and with cannon fire whizzing past our heads we bravely rowed as close as we could to blow up the walls of the castle…..
“I watched as boats either side of me were blown away by the castle cannons, but i kept going!”
With the walls of the castle down,
all we had to do was jump up and storm the castle and find the gold!
Running around a corner and bumping into Tepic we almost blew each others brains out,
not the sort of deck i’d wonna swab
Not soon after Tepic fell of the castle wall, i did not push him HONEST!
now where is that gold?
Awesome Escapade, Thanks Sam 🙂
All the Goonies had a great time pirating at Antiquity Tortuga and look forward to another high seas adventure in the future :). Thanks Sam for organising this escapade XD.

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