The fun in predicting what Sansar won’t be.

I’ve been reading quite a few blog posts about what Project Sansar will be, and so far none of them align with my own thoughts.

When listening to the tiny bits of info shared by the Lab i try to have an open view that Project Sansar might not be anything like Second Life. Perhaps being nothing like Second Life is a good thing for the Lab, after all Project Sansar is supposed to be a bold step into the current VR buzz zone so a lot of what Second Life does might not be of interest in Project Sansar.

I think a lot of people are possibly so fixed in the SL way of doing things that they can’t envision an alternative. Second Life works for second life because thats how it’s evolved and thats how its users grew to enjoy it. Maybe because of this we assume Project Sansar will port many of the same ideas over to Sansar but be ‘better’ .

The problem with this idea for me is that i have not seen any evidence yet technically that Project Sansar will be anything like Second Life, so what works in Second Life maybe not suitable for Project Sansar.

I also think we assume the only people who will use Project Sansar is the aging SL user base. Linden Lab have actually sort of successfully proven they can create a new product with it’s own user base. When Patterns was closed down i think there was quite a large community that cried out and fell silent. Linden Lab also made DIO which had no point to it what so ever. My point being is that Project Sansar may end up building it’s own user base regardless of wether Second Life Users love or hate it.

The way i have been monitoring the evolving picture of Sansar is by comparing with other platforms and services, and my views change with every tid-bit i hear. For me what to expect from Project Sansar depends on what Project Sansar will offer to do and this still isn’t entirely clear yet. Things like communities, avatars, experiences and content creation are all things Second Life does, yes, but so do countless other platforms out there. STEAM does all those things, Youtube does to if you think about it?

There are also a lot of services that do all those features outside of Second Life. Why build in a feature when someone is already offering something better that can be used in conjunction with your platform? Consider how many use Facebook and twitter to chat to friends outside second Life  even though Second Life has it’s own SLfeed. High Fidelity Alpha had a small chat feature but they removed it suggesting users create their own or use an outside client. Also consider that there are now services that will build you characters to be used in game engines, it’s not a big step to allowing these same characters to be used as avatars if the platform allows it.

Nailing down exactly what Sansar will do will give us some clue to then speculate how features might work by comparing with other similar platforms, don’t be surprised if the similar platform isn’t Second Life, but don’t be scared either because it’s highly unlikely in my personal view that Second Life will change in any significant way with it’s current users.

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    • Always interesting when people say it’s going to fail.The have not seen it, the not know how it looks. The not know what it costs or looks. But it’s already a fail. Responses like that can only come from people with enough money or the are extreme afraid.

      If something is going to be a fail, then it’s secondlife. It’s a nice social platform, and that is all you can do in secondlife. secondlife is going to fail because it’s so extreme expensive people struggle to pay the sim, And you cannot be creative without a sim, or need to share a sim with others and hope it pay’s itself.

      What is the difference between sims in secondlife or experiences that join together into a big experience ? I do not see any difference. Except that sansar is going to be cheaper.

      Do not say new platforms are a flop before you have seen it ! And don’t take conclusions the first day you see it.

  1. Hey Loki. Sounds like you are on the right track here. I think when people jumped on the whole “SL2!” bandwagon a Lot of assumptions were made. The focus was on ‘oh no what are they going to change/take away from us” rather than, “Oh this is new, wounder what it will be like”. Sansar isn’t a new version of second life any more than BlocksWorld is.

    Until the unveiling we only really know what they have told us, “…empower people to easily create, share, and monetize their own multi-user, interactive virtual experiences…” yadda yadda. (I’m sure you have read it a dozen times too) It’s likely to be of more interest to “VR people” than “SL people” and that’s a good thing. The LL haters of course want people to think Sansar somehow means the end of SL, and it’s utterly ridiculous. The million or so current SL players dwarfs the 170K Oculus development kits ever sold. Even if Sansar is extremely popular it’s going to take years before it’s user base is even close to a million people. You just don’t think about slaughtering your cash cow before you have another source of income. SL is going nowhere.

    Anyway good article and I’m sure we will both be trying to figure out how to build things in Sansar rather than guessing what it will be soon enough.

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