Second Life graphics & software maybe dated, but that doesn’t stop the EPIC FUN

The region quickly filled with over a thousand physics enabled projectiles creating an atmosphere  that resembled the matrix as everything slowed to crawl.

This was during the last event of the Escapades 5th anniversary weekend, and boy was it epic. There is a type of fun thats born from taking things to the limit, braking things or trying ‘what if i rezzed this here’. Luckily Linden Lab have given me the tools to help manage such grand free for all events as the Mega Brawl, which will go down in peoples memories as a hilarious fun shared event.

Yardley Manor

The weekend started with the usual Goony Adventure where as a group we visit other places in Second Life. Most of the time these places are locked down as no rez or even no scripts out of fear from griefers or people leaving their own mark.


Then it was off to the bog of Stench for the Founders Tea party which i missed the first hour of due to a DNS glitch that effected some UK and Netherlands users until some one somewhere flicked a switch allowing us to log into SL again.


Saturday saw the grand Airship Battles. The first contest between six or seven battle Balloons each with a crew of two that slowly dwindled down to just Richardus and Tepic ruling the skies. Later was the first ever Goonies VS Separatists Icarus Airship Battle resulting in epic broadside cannon fire between two smoking airships.



Saturday also saw the Giant Pufferfish Race which was fun to watch as the fish inflated and deflated on colliding with each other.


Sunday saw the Rocket Vacuum racing which like the previous year degenerated into everyone razzing what ever cars they could find to drive around the track. I vowed then to create a lap recording device so we could finally keep track on who’s winning.


As well as the racing and battleship contests we also had music gatherings in the Pirate Tavern and on the Beach.

It all culminated into the final big epic Mega Brawl battle where i rezzed what ever monsters i could find in my inventory for the users to shoot and bash. And if you missed all of that, here is a video condensing all the events down to just 13 minutes of action.

Also available to watch on Dailymotion.

All in all it was a great weekend which i wish i could do every week. Yes Second Life maybe old, maybe slow, laggy and full of bugs, but every now and then we just pull together from UK, Japan, Australia, USA, Germany, France, all over the globe and have great laugh in this shared space.

Battle Balloons Available on my Marketplace – as is the Battle Airships.

The Giant Pufferfish and the Rocket Vacuums are available as part of the Escapades Instants Range

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