Battlefield Secondlife

I’ve not had much time to be in Secondlife this last month, but with all that i read on the forums and hear from Gemini it’s probably for the best. Terrible updates, roll backs and exploiting griefers have meant that SL has not been the best of metaverses. Its a shame that SL has become bugged to metahell so soon after the third birthday, and the discomfort of many residents about the new non verification sign ups has not helped when the SL client starts springing up fatal Bugs.

My Brother is having a spate of bad luck with the vortex too, with Streams going down, and nuke attacks on the club. I’ve come across some who feel he has Banned them unjustly. Perhaps i should give him a talk before he makes to many enemies in the community we’ve been trying to help.

On the Shop front im doing better than last month rolling over a spiffing profit. The wrist bands sold really well so ive made a new batch, and due to demand, they will be modifiable. Along side these i will be releaseing a new Steam punk range of products, seperate fromt he Loki Boys brand. This is due to my side interest in steam punk themes. I can often be seen dressed up like oliver with a steam powered backpack exploring the horizons and visiting Caloden. I miss the good ol days of just exploring. I probably visit just 4 places whenever i go on SL, there are THOUSANDS of other places to explore…

Anyway i better start making the track list for tommorows DJ session at the Vortex, Hopefullt the stream will be up and peple will come cos last thursday sucked :-p

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