Sansar VS Second Life.

It’s going to happen, i see it happening already. People will face Second Life off with Sansar and fear the outcome.

I’f I’m honest i am one of them, but it’s hard not to compare and even harder not to worry about loosing everything i’ve grown to love in SL. No matter how much Linden Lab say Second Life will go on and on and continue to have a full team of dedicated developers, i’m still going to worry.

We’ve been through a lot in Second Life, many moments of change that rippled out to effect a lot of users. That time when Homesteads lost value and gained rental hikes that put me in a really horrible position. That time Linden Lab outsourced the SL viewer to create SL viewer 2.0 that was utterly rejected by the user base changing the face of new feature adoption ever since. The time Marketplace made shopping malls less appealing and i ended up seeing long time Malls close down because no one was investing in them. It’s the users that keep SL in play.

I think this is the main fear factor for me when it comes to the prospect of Project Sansar. All of the long time surviving private regions that i know maybe owned by one person, but are supported by the good graces of those who pitch in with the high tier costs. The only way Escapades Island will cease to exist is if people loose interest in the Island, and the threat i see from Sansar is one of comparative costs. Why bother to continue renting land in Second Life when it’s much cheaper or even free in Sansar?

Sansar needs to happen

Im excited about Sansar, it needs to happen. It’s just a shame Second Life could not evolve, but it hit a wall of legacy crap that prevents it taking advantage of the latest Technologies and there for we are having to take this possibly painful VR transplant to a newer Platform. As an artist I’m giddy with the possibilities. Better avatars, better clothing, better landscaping, PROPER CAVES!, a mobile consuming viewer, fantastic rendering, Immersive VR, and Instancing. Oh Joy. I sigh that i might have to re-learn scripting again, and wonder if LL will adopt Apples brand new Metal Api or just run out a degraded port for mac users.

I love that Sansar is happening, i fully support the initiative and am excited about it. But i head to it with trepidation about how it will effect the communities i am part of. So many un answerable questions about how it will effect us.

Could Sansar sit beside SL as a place to go to for adventures, then return to SL for chats and hugz. I know a few people who co-exist in both SL and Opensim so i know its possible to co-exists in two virtual Worlds. But wether one would want to pay nothing in one world and pay a hefty cost in the other is something Escapades Island will have to deal with when it happens.

I must point out that while all this info about Sansar is on the SL forums, Sansar still does not exist so this whole post is speculation and an expression of my current anxieties based on the current vibes of community friends.

7 thoughts on “Sansar VS Second Life.

  1. It’s a complex difficult time Opensim, Secondlife , SanSar, High Fidelity.

    Opensim, have what secondlife still not give. cheap land and you can run your own server and backup the sims. But opensim never got the amount of people.

    Secondlife gives lots of people, and sometimes a nice landscape. But that’s all.
    Because you cannot get a sim, it’s really to expensive. so after 8 years i still cannot call secondlife really ‘Home’ Also secondlife have the very annoying, (and it get worse every year) the wrong camera angle, not default 1st person look. and not scaled buildings. It really not makes secondlife something to build in. And secondlife is running by usa company named Linden Lab. what make things more expensive.

    The last time am really thinking why im still renting in Secondlife. there’s nothing todo.
    I never could get my idea’s in visible state.

    Then we have SanSar, Afraid everybody is running to there, instead of the better alternative that am talking about later. SanSar is the unknown planet. in control of company named Linden Lab., That’s already something to think about. possible everything in SanSar is run by Linden Lab. It would be intressting if you could download some free server from sansar and with that program you can run your own server and land that then connect to SanSar. But afraid that’s something the not do. But would be a good reason to us SanSar. as long the also support mesh how high fidelity is doing it. Another reason why opensim and secondlife with mesh are not intresting. it’s more difficult and limited then needed. and the bigger scaled buildings in opensim and secondlife make things worse because you need bigger textures for same quality on mesh.

    Then we have the last one, in my eyes the best one. High Fidelity.
    Everybody can run it, you have your own server. the main code part It all open source. compare it to the apache webserver. also the way high fidelity works with mesh is a gift from heaven. And if something is missing, someone can add it, if someone pays for it.

    For me it’s difficult time. Difficult choices ahead.

    – Do i stop renting ?
    – Do i grow up, and how much ?
    – Do i switch complete to other world if people go to the wrong grid. (SanSar) ?

    Only thing i know is that morte virtual worlds is not working really good. It’s time i get a place i can call home. can do what i want. and is cheap, and best if you can run your own domain to keep the fun. So best is to concentrate on high fidelity. i learned there more with mesh in short time then i ever did in Opensim or Secondlife.

    Still keeps puzzled….

    • There is possibly an opportunity for someone else to come in and make a portal service. I remember some services that claimed to be the point where all your social networks could cross from twitter , flickr and Facebook. But no one really did it well. Avatars United had the right idea but was destroyed :-p

  2. SanSar can have some good sides. i see and know that. ALso i think i never qualify as adult. 🙂 But Having enough land, for very low price or run your own server and lot’s of friends all in one world is really the first most important thing.

    |Just shame that Linden Lab is torturing people so much now. but i have so my idea’s about how SanSar could be.

    But the waiting, the waiting.. Aargh. then weeks go slow. and still a year seems short this days.

  3. So is this actually going to happen or are they going to throw this away? I am very interested in knowing if this will happen or not. Cause this was made last month I know but I am curious.

    • Project Sansar is happening, it was announced last year and they are about to start Alpha testing with top secret creators. Basically because the SL code is so old and not very adaptable to the latest technologies, Linden Lab have to make a new Virtual World if they want to compete with other virtual worlds that are being created with the new VR Goggle hype in mind. When Linden Lab tried adding Oculus Support to Second Life they probably realised it won’t work and there is nothing they can do about it except build a new world from scratch. Sansar probably won’t go online until end of this year… or next.

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