Four long years since Linden Lab first announced they were working on adding more tools for making fluid gaming experiences. I’ve blogged numerous times about how it could revolutionise Second Life. Linden Lab even asked me to guest blog on the SL forums once to discuss games.

Yesterday Linden Lab finally added XPtools (experience tools) into the main viewer allowing ‘you’ the user access to the experiences window where you can manage which experiences to be part of.

After all this time, is Experience Tools still revolutionary?, especially since Sansar is right around the corner (after just 1 year) which apparently plans from the start to be about experiences. I guess that’ll be down to what users do with XPtools now. I’m fully aware that for someone who has dreamed for years of making interactive immersive stories Sansar could be a better place to invest time and effort, but we’ll cross that problem at another date.

In the meantime i need to start putting into motion very old plans, dust off the old note books from 2010 and see whats now possible. Making experiences that require things to happen to you are a lot more easier now than it was, but it’s still quite hard. There are still a lot of limitations in SL , but XPtools has taken a huge step towards replacing lines and lines of ‘workaround’ scripting.

In truth nobody should get excited about XPtools, except people like me :-p. The best experiences in SL that use the XPtools will be the ones you don’t even realise use them. Creators who have an XPkey will use them for more than one experience and you will go from one to the other without thinking about it. This fact brings up a question about how the experiences are being listed.

Each premium user gets a specific XPkey which is used to get permissions for the experiences. That XPkey gets a profile displayed in the experiences list of which you can only have one. If you make multiple experiences such as i have, you will find you can not make profiles for each of those experiences. So really when you search for ‘experiences’ you are in fact searching ‘XPkeys’. Seems like a minor oversight to me as i have two experiences “Escapades Bashables & SL12B Dreams Dome” with three more experiences planned all using the same XPkey thats profiled as just one. Meh. Maybe ill just rebrand my XPkey profile to LOKI EXPERIENCES’ and have the profile landmark to an experience select room:-P.

Anyways Thank you Linden Lab for finally releasing the XPtools. Great things will come, just give me some time to make it happen, Escapades is about to get a whole lot more action packed 🙂

For experience creators here is a Wiki and here is a Forum and Knowledgeable article devoted to Xptools.

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