The Two Grids of Second Life #SL

As im prepping for probably the BIGGEST scariest moment in my second life things are getting more complex. Living on a homestead has taught me a lot about reducing script usage and keeping prims low. I embraced the sculpty prim which with the help of sculptcrafter allowed me to make more complex detailed objects with very low prim usage.

In the last year LL have introduced some features that im excited about. Shared media,http textures and Mesh imports have the potential to completely change SL. Combined they could reduce prim usage and script usage, while boosting interactivity and apparently according to Qarl the mesh feature could reduce lag. For me thats awesome. BUT the big screw up that makes my upgrading island complex is Viewer 2.0. I am hard pressed to find any friends in my community that actively use viewer 2.0. If i build an island that heavily uses Shared Media and the forthcoming Mesh feature what will that mean for 90% of my friends who use the island, what will they see? a barren lifeless island?

Viewer 2.0 in a way has created 2 grids, one that will be transformed by the new possibilities of Media, Mesh & HTTP Textures, and the other that is seen by Pre-viewer 2.0 technology who walk around oblivious to the new interactive and extra detail. Its a difficult dilemma for someone who wants to build cutting edge exciting interactive experiences in SL.

Im told Emerald viewer which is what most of my friends who find viewer2.0 impossibly unintuitive use, will have Shared Media added some time soon. This is all well and good, but then i have to wait for them to add Mesh as well (if that is ever released).

So what should i do, build experiences using shared media and mesh and ignore the pre2.0 hardcore SL users, or reduce the amount of shared media used in my projects to just being an extra bell&whistle for those who use 2.0. It seems unfair to force people to use a viewer they hate, it might have a counter effect on the experience.

4 thoughts on “The Two Grids of Second Life #SL

  1. It's also made it extremely difficult for oldies to help newbies, something a lot of us used to do as a hobby when we had a bit of a low work load inbetween projects.

    I used to watch video and stuff before viewer 2 was introduced, so maybe just put up some video screens instead??

  2. Philip Linden said during the Viewer Panel at SLCC that they'll probably have to force an update from Viewer 1.23 to Viewer 2.X once Mesh goes live.

    So cross your fingers that the Snowstorm project has managed to make Viewer 2.X configurable enough to not be hated by oldbies, pro users and sidebar-phobics by then!

  3. Also having the development code repository public and available to third party viewer developers while new features are being written should mean there isn't such a huge lag between features going live in the official viewer and having them appear in third party viewers.

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