New Goony based Websites!

In the last two days i have been working on making the Goony2.0 Project more visible to everyone. An issue i have is getting word out to all the people i know since Linden Labs Viewers are not reliable when it comes to IM group chats or Group announcements. I have two websites, the first i announced yesterday and showcases the Goony2.0 Project, the other is a new Social Networking community group Site.

The Goony Home Site was created with Spruz, a free service hoping to cash in on NINGS policy changes. With the service you can sign up, and join the rest of the SL Goonies, add photos & Vids of your adventures and check up on all the latest news and events. I would prefer if this was a built in feature of Second Life, but as we know these things take ages for Linden Lab.

In the Meantime it’s time for the SL Goonies to join up on a site outside SL so we can discuss more about what to do inside SL 🙂
Click HERE to jump to the new Goony2 Group site.

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