All the new things

Sales were up last month, although the change of the land at Tanguna West Indies has ment that the shop there is now the least visited putting into question if i should have a shop there at all. Tis their own fault thinking they are the ones who draw the customers. Fact is its the shops and those who run the shops. I advertised the west indies as my main shop. As they remodelled i was forced to link everyone to the clubhouse shop, which has now become the main store leaving west indies in the shitter.

It was Secondlifes 3rd birthday last month too. At the birthday island i saw a kool Secondlife Kids stand showing pics of mostly gemini :-p I have been asked to be an officor of the main Kids group of SL which i am honored… yet to know what it means to be an officor though.

Geminis Club is still going, he always seems worried about sumfin, but he’ll get through it, he has enough friends to support him through anything.

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