Chapter 5 – The Grand Master Strikes Back!

The Goonies gathered at Goony Island to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Goonies film unaware that the Grand Master planned to gate crash the party and try to steal the Narcadon. I say unaware, but we in fact intercepted his message to Glorb telling him to attack us so some of the goonies came prepared.

While Gelatinous Cubes attacked us at the party, it was later discovered that a group of Lizard men had snuck around the back and grabbed the Narcadon. We still do not know what the Narcadon does, or what it’s purpose is, but the way the Grand Master sounded in his Holographic message gave the feeling that what ever the Narcadon was, it’s not gonna be used for good.

Anyway we then went back to partying :-p

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