Road to Goony 2.0 – Part 1

Goony Island, once simply called Loki Island and Nemo Beach. My own little piece of the virtual world.

Almost 5 years ago I stepped into the virtual world without a clue for where it would lead or what the point of it would be. Here i am now about to embark on my biggest project yet in V-world. Im going to buy a full SIM. It’s going to take up a lot of my free time, and cost me a lot of money i don’t have, so why am i doing it?

All through my life i’ve had to come to terms with a part of me that wanted to stay a kid, my childish personality and interests. The real world and web has lead me down paths to try and understand this, but it wasn’t until i entered Virtual Worlds that i started to really understand and learn to cope.

And it’s this reason that fuels my desire to build a place in SL where residents can become friends, explore and experience childish adventures even though they are all grown up in real world. Goony Islands Nemo Beach has become a beacon for newbies trying out child avatars, and i hope it will remain so.

On friday i will be introducing a small group to a presentation showing the plans for Goony Island. Then on the following friday JUNE 4TH i shall be opening the presentation to EVERYONE to have a look at.

I’m hoping that the 5 years of being in Second Life will have given me skills to produce a really great place for people to hang out, learn & discover their true selves….

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