Goony Beltaine 2010

So here we are again in the month of May. Each year i and a group of friends in Second Life march up the Hill on Loki’s Island to the wickerman and watch it Burn as the sun sets. This was to be the 5th and last time we perform the ritual on Pans Garden as it is now.

Oak and May,
On This Day,
Will both Heed
Those in Need.
Goddess Bright,
God of Sun,
Bless your Children
‘Till our days are done.

Remember those who you’ve lost in these winter months,
and embrace and love those who are with you now as we step forth into this summer.
look towards the promise of spring,
and all it shall bring.

Was great to see some of my most beloved friends in SL, and also the newbs that have joined our group in the last year. next year the Beltaine fire will be lit upon a new hill on a new Goony Island. 🙂

Jimmy Brannagh also took some wonderful pictures of the Beltaine which you can look at HERE

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