The raping of SL’s ethos (aka another rant about SL)

Im currently suffering from a sickend feeling when ever i contemplate logging on to Second Life. With real world pressing down on me its hard to muster the enthusiasm to devote the hours, money and creativity to something that is a hobby, an expensive hobby. Second Life to me has always been the great creative experiment. The Ethos years ago was ‘My world, My imagination, My dreams to share with everyone’.

Everything about Second Life now comes down to money. i log in to have notices about land rentals that need paying, to check donation boards to make sure im reaching the tier targets. Im building and running events in the vein attempt to make money and so is everyone else,turning second life in into a game of beggars. It’s not like this for everyone , there are plenty who are quite happy to pay Linden Lab for their weekly dose of script limits and hours of fun reducing their lag.

My next post will be about the future of Goony island, the plans i have for my future presence in Second Life. Some of you might not like what i have planned. There is a sense that the old ethos of SL needs to be dropped by me, i need to move on to the new “how do i make money from you” ethos. it’s dangerous, i could end up destroying myself and all ive created so far in the process and that more than anything is very scary.

The average US household burns $500 a month on food.
If that little annoying SL business pays for a private island that is $300 a month right there.
You just lost almost 3 weeks of food.

Quote from Ann Ootles Blogpost comparing RL and SL costs

Linden Lab continue to struggle to make the mainstream and as a result request vast amounts of money for SIM costs as well as creaming a percent from everything you upload and sell on Xstreet. Their new Avatars United is no doubt an attempt to capitalise on the Social Network money model. Im sure as soon as they iron out the KINKS(exploits) they will introduce advertising based on your interests and what you discuss on your profile.

When looking at SL this way its possible to assume that service prices for land tier may come down in the future, but again thats just as it always is with second life, everything looks better in the future.

3 thoughts on “The raping of SL’s ethos (aka another rant about SL)

  1. Dear Loki,

    Whatever you have planned, and how you would like your future sl life to be, it is your choice, no matter if some people dislike it. We have all enjoyed Goony Island, it is a wonderful place, but most of us are aware of the costs involved, and the struggle to raise the tier each month. Many of us have pitched in at the last min to help the place keep going, though that is going to be more difficult for me, certainly (times are getting harder…). Whatever happens, i personally thank you for the wonderful times and adventures you have set up for us, i really do appreciate them (without finding Goony Island, some years back, i probably would have left sl).

    Change happens, we have to live with it 🙂

    In friendship, and with support,


  2. Loki,

    Being the point person on a Big Vision can be very tiring. And being tired makes things seem gloomy indeed. It sounds like you are at a crossroads, and I urge you to take good care of yourself! If you decide to take a break, I can confirm (from having done it myself) that stepping back from big projects usually brings clarity: you'll be better able to see if your edgy feelings are temporary frustration or the result of having moved on emotionally.

    Sometimes you'll surprise yourself with a renewed commitment and energy. Sometimes the space created reveals the Next Big Thing.

    I'll think "good thoughts" in your direction while you decide what to do….


  3. Loki

    I know a little bit about renting land and nothing about owning or renting a sim. I too am at a crossroads. So I'm having to back off from sl. Meditation always helps me. Back away from sl for a bit and take care of your rl first. That in turn shall help with your sl fun.

    Whatever choice you make I support you and wish you all the best.

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