Fantasy Faire: Have you got what it takes to be a Mouse Guardian?

Once long ago in an ancient library a small mouse did sneeze and from the tumbling books the town of Poppetsborough did appeared. From there the mouse had many adventures in this new world and soon became a hero to the people.

So starts this years Fantasy Faire,  the greatest virtual reality fantasy extravaganza running from 23rd of april until the 3rd of may on the Second Life Grid. Explore the many imaginative creations and shop till you drop with proceeds going towards Relay For Life cancer research. But thats not all….

No one had the slightest inkling of what was about to happen as the sun rose that day…


As with last year there are opportunities to Role-play with stories and encounters to experience in character over the coming week.

“The great brave mouse has long since gone, but his legendary deeds of honour and courage live on in the Mouse Guardians who have sworn to uphold the virtues of the Mouse Guardian Code.”

 The Mouse Guardian Code.

This year the Rickety Weasel kid avatars and friends have gathered in a paper town called Poppetsborough where they are known as the Mouse Guardians who follow and ancient code…

• Protect the weak and defenceless
• Refrain from the wanton giving of offence
• Fight for the welfare of all
• Avoid unfairness, meanness and deceit
• Eat plenty of cheese
• At all times speak the truth
• Never turn your back upon a foe (especially cats)

‘we need heros’ they cried, ‘we need the legendary Mouse Guardians ‘


The Mouse Guardian Dress Code

A Mouse Guardian can be recognized for they wear Mouse ears and or tails in honor of the great mouse guardian. Mouse Guardians also have a secret greeting. When they meet they acknowledge each other by sneezing, a homage to how Poppetsborough was formed.

The Mouse Guardians often gather at the Poppetsborough Train Station where a statue of the great Mouse Guardian can be found.



There is a FREE Mouse Guardian Pack in a spinning Box at the Poppetsborough Train station. The Pack includes Mouse Ears, a tail and Sneezing Gestures for when greeting others.

Role Play Encounters.

Each day something will happen starting on friday 24th. The Fantasy Faire music stream will have news flashes about what’s been happening and the FF Role-players group will post notices to catch up on whats happened the previous day. (To join the FF Role-players group, please Instant Message Saffia Widdershins.

So come join us over the next few days, become a Mouse Guardian and wonder the lands of Fantasy Faire upholding the Mouse Guardian Code!

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