Burning Life 09 OPEN!!!!!

Well yesterday the greatest event in SL opened to the public. I watched as people piled into the Burning Life Grid. The Milk and Kookies show was kind enough to do their show from my and Marris builds which packed both sims to full.

Events will be going on all week at the House of Pips thanx to some brilliant volenteer DJ’s. Check out the Event list below. This years SLC race will be on Bumble Bears, and dont forget to come to the exciting conclusion to the Waiting for Pippin story next sunday for the end of Burning Life 09. Until then their is plenty to explore and the Goonies will be having another bike ride on tuesday.

here is the event list

And here is the Waiting For Pippin video to show your friends.

Visit the House of Pis NOW http://slurl.com/secondlife/Burning%20Life-Pyramid/10/186/26

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