Building at Burning Life

Getting stuck into building at Burning Life. The biggest challenge is building a 700 prim build in 300 prims. Using the sculptie-O-Matic by Contagious Republic (try the tool here) The tool allows me to creat complex group of prims and then convert them to ONE sculpty prim. The tool is limited in which distorted prims it can convert, but if used properly it can make detailing objects amazing. For my House on an Elephant build i wanted to create detailed 3D exterior. Sculptie-o-matic allowed me to do a detailed 17th century wall with just two prims instead of 30. A staircase that was 40 prims, now only 2 prims. So hopefully i will be able to pull off a 300 prim build that looks like a 700 prim build 🙂

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