The Burning Life Concept

Well here i show one of the concept artwork for m Burning Life Build, which is under threat of not happening. It would appear i totally missed the theme camp submissions and on top of that Grabbing land is proving difficult.

The Build is Called ‘Waiting for Pippin’ and involves a house on the back of an Elephant that is roaming the desert landscape in search of Pippin. Inside lives all manner of creatures waiting for the eventual return of Pippin, the Boy who imagined them up.

My first attempt to grab land ended before anything rezzed. As you can imagine 100 people rezzing to click boxes caused massive lag, slow down in rezzing and the inability to move. There is Land Grabbing every night until sunday, although im away on friday and saturday leaving me with just 2 more attempts to get land with a suitable amount of prims to do the project.

Wish me luck dudes!

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