Burning Life 09

It’s come around again and im looking forward to doing another week of crazyness.

Last year at burning life i Built a Hay Barn with hidden dragons, and i think it went down rather well. Burning Life is amazing in that the atmosphere and community spirit the event produces can change your view on Second Life. I rememebr at last years burning of the Kid that some people said they had not experienced anything like it before. You feel like you really are all together celebrating life.

This year Dusty Linden asked me to do a teaser for the event which with the help of my friends i have done and it is available to watch now on the official Second Life Blog as well as below.

Currently in the process of working out what im going to be doing this year. Needs to be iconic, strange, involving and overall memorable. So keep coming back here to see what i come up with 😉

1 thought on “Burning Life 09

  1. Whhheeee!!! Burning Life again! Loads of new an fun stuff to explore! And i'm in the trailer, everyone will see me, i'm famous! hehehehe

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