Pirating the Goony High Seas!

yesterday i gathered a gruesome crew of misfits to try and take Gemini’s castle seeing as he is away due to computer related problems.

At first all seemed fine, we made it to the mouth of the secret underground launch bay when all of a sudden Gemini appeared!!! looks like his computer was fixed after all. My brother was quick to turn his huge artillery gun our way and scuttled our ship before we knew what was happening. Oh did Gemini laugh….

ANYWAYS, we pretended to have gotten bored and moved away when in fact WE HAD FIXED OUR SHIP AND DECIDED TO ATTACK FROM THE REAR. This meant a lot of very skilled sailing past the Vortex Club and down the street around the back of the Castle.

Finally reaching our target we got inside the castle. We put up a flag and fought mighty battles against Gemini until he had to go have supper. Deciding this meant victory to the goonies we sailed back to the Club house and made victorious pirate sounds like GARGHHHH and HHAHAGHHRRRGH! and YO HO HO!

What a glorious evening it was 🙂

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