Chapter 7 – The Great Rescue Mission

Yesterday i was discussing nuts with Myrtil when suddenly we were ambushed by the dreaded green gelatinous cubes. We had no warning this time from the signal transceiver and i was powerless to save Myrtil as she was dragged down into the old mine shaft.

A call was put out to the Goonies and a determined team arrived to help go down and rescue Myrtil.

As you can see from the video, it was a close call. We still need better weapons :-p

2 thoughts on “Chapter 7 – The Great Rescue Mission

  1. I would like to thank warmly my Goonies friends for rescueing me from those nasty gelatinous cubes. Those stupid things were so rude they wouldn't let Loki and I finish our highly interesting discussion!
    And for those who may wonder, the leg I broke while being dragged down in the mine shaft is now fully healed 🙂

  2. glad to hear you are all mended, Myrtil. Even if i did arrive late, it was good to help rescue you! Next time we come up against those cubes, i'm bringing a kettle of boiling water and a jelly mould, see how they like that!

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