Chapter 5 – Activation of the Tower (ejected goonies read!!!!)

Last night the evil grand master who lives under the island sent a special tower thingy that sent out a radio pulse ejecting goonies from the group and preventing us from joining them again. The tower was blown up leaving just a hand full of goonies left in the group.DO NOT DISPARE, there is an ancient way to join the goonies again.

In the cave under the pirate fort stand on the dock and shout ‘I am a goony’ maybe the ghost of one eyed willy can help. Also the remaining goonies can help you this old initiation.

With a password, go to the Bone Organ recently discovered behind the waterfall next to Loki’s cabin.

Goonies never say die!

1 thought on “Chapter 5 – Activation of the Tower (ejected goonies read!!!!)

  1. This was a GREAT adventure! I wonder if it will continue? I was under the water, fighting the lizard men when the tower started to fall apart, tumbling down around us. Dodging debris while fighting is exciting, but then watching Goonies who had been ejected solve the riddle and give the password was wonderful, could sense the pleasure and pride in being in the gang.

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