Beltaine Wicker Man – 2009

As is now tradition on goony Island around this time, a wickerman was burnt ontop of the hill on Goony Island. This was to be the 4th time the event has be done and the stability of SL showed when nothing went wrong this time :-).

Beltaine, a year has past, a year of new memories,
of new experiences, new friendships, new ambition

Beltaine, a year has past, a year of new memories,
of hardship, of friendships lost, and of broken dreams.

And we stand here and now at beltaine,
the point where the summer king and winter queen meet and greet.

Reminding us that all experience, wether warming of the heart or freezing of ones soul
are what carves us out of life, and how we CHOOSE to be is what defines us.

So as the wikerman burns, lets remember those we have lost and the experiences we’ve gained
and now look forward to the summer months with eagerness to learn and do good.

Thanx to everyone who came to this years Goony Beltaine, it was a shame no more than 20 could come thanx to LL’s restrictions on Homesteads. Thanx to Jero for his shoutcast stream without which i would not have been able to create the atmosphere needed. Also Thanx to Jimmy for taking photos of the event, which you can see more of HERE!.

1 thought on “Beltaine Wicker Man – 2009

  1. It was wonderful, full of atmosphere, thinking of the past year, looking to the next. In the darkness of the night, even with the light of our torches and the Burning Man, the others around were shadowy and indistinct…. but they were our friends, and possibly a few ghosts of old friends not with us, or the faint apparitions of new friends to come.

    Thank you Loki, and thank you, my friends

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