Gemini’s new castle of DOOOM

Been Helping my bro with his castle and shop. Trying to think up a way to have both and boost his shops performance. Truth is with LL buying SLX and the SL search being nuffin more than a shoddy List of places, having a shop IN sl is difficult. How many of you buy off of the SLX and not bother going to the inworld shop? kind of takes the point away from having 3D shops?

Anyway it’s looking like if you want people to visit your land you can no longer rely on shops. If you want to create content all you need is to rent a small square and put an SLX server box on it. Im Surprised no one has thought of building an SLX server warehouse for people to rent for their SLX goods.

The rules of the game have changed again in SL. Places like Inner Child and Boys Place Mall will have to offer more than just places to show stuff. One idea ive had is to sell your stuff in world at a lower price than on SLX in order to encourage people to come to your Land for bargains. So expect to see Loki wear on SLX at a higher price than in the Goony island store……

MEANWHILE i have built for my brother a new Castle and shop. Its still in the process of being built but already i have used it to fire lazer beams at the vortex MWHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!.

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