Goony Adventure – The Search for Space in Uranus

So it all started with Myrtil, yeah she told me all about this great sim where it was all in space. Privateer Space. So i decided at long last to build a space ship to boldly go where no Goonie had gone before……… except for Myrtil ………. and Myrtils friends…..

Well after the HMS USS URANUS was complete i went to Privateer Space only to find it closed and red taped off…. So in the end i and my intrepid goony explorers, Wolfy, Jesper, Rich, Tommy and Max, set forth to find a space sim to fly Uranus.

First place we went to was Battlestar Murcury, a sim devoted to Battlestar Galactica (BSG) Fans. I myself being a big fan was excited to visit the place, but once we were ready to go explore all the flying ships in the fleet we got a rather uninviting shout from someone claiming to be the owner of the sim. She shouted that she was watching us and that kids are not allowed in the sim. So without making to much of a fuss we left disappointed.

So eventually we ended up at a rather spiffing place called ‘Inspire Space Park’. This place was indeed cool….

We all stood with mouths open at the planets floating around. Everyone there was chilling out with the calm music.
We floated about a bit, Danced a bit and Max farted alot…

Then came the moment of truth….

The Goony USS HSM URANUS flew through space with ease between the asteroids and dust clouds…

With the success of of Goonies in space, im sure there will be more adventures in Uranus. If only there was more Space Sim to explore!

2 thoughts on “Goony Adventure – The Search for Space in Uranus

  1. Meh, you’re always having fun when I’m not there… :op The one who told me about Privateer Space was Rai, or Sven maybe, it was a huge sim, too bad you couldn’t go there.
    But the pics of Inspire Space Park are really great, I’ll go visit 🙂

  2. Dude, IM me sometime and I’ll explain what I know about why Priviteer Space Sim is now closed. You think you had trouble with the Lindens over the SL5B mess? Wait til you hear this one.

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