A return to New Babbage – Comparing #SL 2008 – 2014

Back in 2008 i did a video showing off what the residents of New Babbage had accomplished. It was picked up by the web site Boing Boing and almost went viral.. well, it was the most views of any video i had done before. And last comment posted in 2008 is “Good gravy… I was assuming the venture capitalists MUST have pulled the plugs on Second Life by now.”

It was also commentated on by NewWorldNotes and mentioned by the then CEO Mark Kingdon “A stunning video… Philip sent me a link to YouTube and said “Mark, you should check this out”, and I’d just seen it the same morning… it was really arresting because of the kind of foggy, smoky atmosphere, and it was beautifully filmed and I was just incredibly moved by it…”

So here we are almost 6 years later and Second Life has still not had its “plug pulled”. Instead New Babbage has expanded and grown, some places have stayed exactly the same, some places have disappeared and some places have been upgraded, just like a real world city. So i went back to the old video and tried to film a side by side comparison to show what has changed in New Babbage and what has not changed because it’s possible many don’t realise how organic and ever changing Second Life is.

Return to New Babbage – A Steampunk City from Loki Eliot on Vimeo.

While builds in New Babbage are a lot more grander, the SL viewer performance was not much different. Granted i have a higher resolution screen now, but i also have a much more powerful Mac Computer packed with 4 times as much Video RAM. Some say this is due to support issues for macs and OpenGL leaving Second Life Viewer way behind other applications performances. Also the smoggy atmosphere seems to have disappeared along with those clouds that used to be in the sky and windlight settings are buggy since Advanced Lighting was introduced.

But the community is still there, still strong and still busy creating and exploring industrial history and steampunk, and its still amazing!

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  1. If you want to see Babbage (or any other sim in SL) with the Classic Clouds still there (and I must say it’s worth it, since Babbage’s builders apparently choose the water level altitude (100m !) to have those clouds at the level of the highest chimneys and buildings), you can try the Cool VL Viewer… It generates its own Classic Clouds when the server doesn’t send the corresponding data (SL doesn’t any more, OpenSim still got that data sent). You may even change the altitude of the Clouds (Graphics settings tab in the Preferences).

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