Goony Island Meeting

As a lot of you know, RW i lost my job and this has meant Goony Island is under threat of me not being able to pay for the tier each month. So we had a meeting about possibilities and wether or not Goony Island should be saved from extinction.

Had quite a lot of interest in helping keep it going and it was decided that Kris (land baron) would put a special Rent target donation thingy at Nemo. The Super Goonies would do more to watch over the place and make donations each month to help keep the place going as well as maybe hold a party every now and then 🙂

I’d also like to remind everyone that there is a prim limit , and there is about 200 prims left before the sim is full, so please be careful when rezzing large stuff there. It does not help that there is a bug in Second Life that means when a sim is full it starts randomly returning island objects rather than stopping you rez more.

Thanx to everyone who sent me donations for rent, the next 2 months are now already payed for 🙂

1 thought on “Goony Island Meeting

  1. It was a good meeting, Loki – nice to see us kid AVs getting together to support something we believe in again!

    I look forward to doing some flute concerts at Nemo Beach again, this time raising funds to keep the place going. I also look forward to all the other events we might be able to have there!

    So, until one of us (preferably me!) wins the Lottery, lets all pull together on this one!

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