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Everything in Second Life bugs me in one way or another, its what keeps me scratching at it.

slexchangeThis particular itch is to do with Marketplace, one of the first user generated digital content marketplaces and it was originally created by Users of Second Life not Linden Lab in that fine SL tradition of User Generated innovation. Linden Lab bought SLExchange, inherited all its issues, implemented a tax on each item sold and rebranded it SL Marketplace.

OK now lets back up a bit. Last year during SL’s 10th anniversary celebrations i finally signed up to Premium Membership. Ive since then struggled to find any benefits for being a premium member of the SL community (other than the grandfathered stipend). The problem from my point of view is that since the Second Life experience is different for almost everyone, i can imagine its hard to catch people in an area where Premium Features benefit them. I have no need of free land or free house, and most of the toys offered at random points of the year hold no interest for me.

So i’ve started to wonder where in my daily use of Second Life could Linden Lab add Perks to justify my Premium Membership. Well one such area could be more options for my Marketplace Store page. Every Merchant has a store front, and its typically a mess of items that has not changed since LL acquired SLExchange. I would love to as a Premium Member  be able to add featured items to my store front, create groupings of items and have more dynamic choice over how my products are presented through the year on my Marketplace Store Front.

Here is a simple mock up…


Of course another Premium Perk could be to lower the tax on sold items.

10 thoughts on “Ideas for Premium Perk – Marketplace

  1. I’d like them to …
    a/ retain my display preferences thru all pages and sessions ( a normal web setting that Marketplace team can’t seem to manage )
    b/ revise the merchant’s product management pages, tools, and reports.
    c/ Add the features they promised us ( eg; different stores/same merchant, and/of color options on same page)
    d/ Actually communicate with the merchants more than once a year.
    e/ Disable Merchants who don’t login for more than 3 months – they are clearly not supporting their customers
    f/ Fix the double purchase bug (literally one line of html code would do it)

    should i go on?

  2. Excellent idea, Loki. When I have counseled others to become Premium members it was mostly for the protection. A friend of mine was a well-known creator with a substantial investment in Our World. At one point she was falsely accused of copybotting one part of one of her builds and The Lab shut down her account without notice and no recourse. Fortunately, she had all of her own stuff offline and was able to recover with another avatar, but not the items she had purchased from others or her private sim. It took a very, very long time (talking years) for her to get her original account back. In the process, it was confirmed (as I had told her) that Premium accounts have, in effect, more rights as they have more avenues to speak with The Lab and resolve issues.

  3. g/ Fix merchant reports generation (not working)
    h/ Fix merchant reports to have choose-able time spans (not useful when it’s not adjustable)
    i/ Fix the bug when copying listing info to a new listing (mesh preferences not retained)
    j/ Fix the error in CSV download of transactions that results in date errors throughout the file (if in any other country than USA)
    k/ Enable a customer refund feature – that also refunds the Merchants fees (see f/ ).
    l/ Fix the edit listing layout – particularly the main text edit box – it’s obviously too small and it encourages 1-2 sentence descriptions – which then look stupidly blank on item display pages.
    m/ Disable the mesh selector in Edit items. (everyone can see Mesh now – we don’t point out to people an item contains sculpties do we?)
    n/ Add a “Mixed Permissions” selector in Edit Items (multiple items in a box often have different permissions)
    o/ Fix the bug that displays random listings as Featured items on Marketplace front page for free (yes, it gives me free features – but it’s wrong and unfair to others).
    p/ Stop using the Marketplace homepage to display ads for other products unrelated to second life, or ads for the Marketplace itself (we’re already there ya idiots)

    pauses for breath…should i go on?

  4. q/ Fix Subscriptions page option to “Hide inactive subscriptions’ (so it actually works)
    r/ Fix Add Related Items chooser from Edit product page – so it doesn’t display all the listings I’ve removed from the database ( Orphaned listings in related tables = bad database design)
    s/ Fix Merchant Home/Inventory/Magic Box status – its a year later and we don’t use Magic Boxes anymore.
    t/ Enforce LL own terms and conditions and remove any listings displaying Second Life logos – they make listings look like officially provided content – that is deceptive. (i had to threaten to get their own lawyer on to Marketplace support before they’d protect their own trademark last time).
    u/ Assign a team member to browse the Marketplace and pro-actively enforce terms and conditions regarding spam listings, keywords and category listings – i can click the steampunk link from the frontpage and top two listings are erect penises. Penises are NOT steampunk. There is only one steampunk item in the first ten results.
    v/ Remove the idiotically ineffective banned word filter – that prevents use of terms such as Rapa Nui (the official name of Easter Island) and the use of the word “Some” at the beginning of a paragraph (amongst other equally inane examples).
    w/ Force the prim count field to be filled on all listed items – add option for wearables to it. The way it is – if someone leaves it blank they get favored in relative “by prim count” search terms. Buyer has a right to know how many prims the product is.
    x/ Add an option for reviews of Merchant/store – that cannot be removed by the Merchant. So many of the fly-by-nighters simply delete badly reviewed listings and relist them.
    y/ Bring back the reminders to Review products that Xstreet had – reviews help assure buyers of quality and reliability. LL redesign of Marketplace has hidden review capabilities so well – it is now rare to get a review.
    z/ everything that Loki suggests above !!!

    I have run out of letters, and i know i missed a few that regularly aggravate me – including that a Merchant can change all terms/prices/text/and actual product on their listing – but keep the reviews. I’ve seen several instances of dodgy merchants putting high quality, low price listing up – reaping gold star reviews – then substituting inferior higher priced item later.

    And let’s not even get started on the other websites in the LL/SL system… full of holes and bad links :/

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