The Future just seems too complicated

Its almost August already, half a year gone and I’m wondering what the second half has in store for me. Im finding it increasingly hard to create new stuff in SL. Things i used to have which made it easy, have since become incompatable with my MAC. Qavimator which i used to use to create animations quick and easy no longer works, and AC3D crashes to much to be of any use anymore in creating sculptys. Ad to this the growing limitations on land such as lack of prim usage and terraform restrictions, it leads to a period of stagnation.

Some people have seen this already, quite a few are IM me saying i should do something new at Goony Island. I’m trying, but all the good ideas take up to many prims. I cant afford a full prim island especially when i could be leaving for a long time end of this year or early next year. SL is no longer self sustainable, i cant make money from my shops to pay for the rent of islands. Also i’m not financially secure RL at the moment so i cant invest the huge amounts of money Linden Lab require to run their ragged services.

When i was a kid in RL i used to draw a lot. But i never kept my stuff, i would either chuck them in the bin or give them away. The method to the madness was to create, throw away move onto the next, improve on the previous, explore and expand, grow and get better. In SL i dont do that anymore. I have no room to grow, no time to explore and dont change anything because people become fond of places how they are. But if people complain that there is nothing new, or dont even think about the places ive built then perhaps it would be best to throw it away….

9 thoughts on “The Future just seems too complicated

  1. I understand how you feel Loki. Lately SL has been a source of more frustration than fun for me. There still seems to be a lack of unity amongst us kids and tension between groups is at an all time high.

    Maybe a Goony Island fundrasier would help?

  2. yeah i been kinda out of it for a while. On a lighter note, i had a good DJ show last night and AC3D got an update that fixed it for mac, so already things are feeling brighter.

  3. I’m glad things are starting to look brighter than in your initial post. I know New Babbage would not be the same without your builds. But I also understand artistic frustrations, especially those that come from a vital tool (or hand) not working properly.

  4. Nooooooooo, don’t throw it all away.

    I’m having a rough time expanding my SL horizons as well, but all things change, so hang in there. 🙂

  5. hmmmmm…. the more we do, the more difficult it is to think of new things to do, we are victims of our own creativity! Glad to hear some of your tools are working better again. I and many others always enjoy seeing what you have done, Loki, both the new stuff (the Dream Dome was awesome!)and the familiar Goony Island – we probably don’t say how much we enjoy it to you enough!

  6. Goony Island is and will stay my favorite place in SL. It is what made me decide to stay a SL kid.
    Now, you should just do what you enjoy doing, would that be keeping it like that and having many projects out or in the island, redoing little things to improve them with your new skills, or changing it all to rebuild something totally new.
    All is fine, as long as you enjoy doing it. Isn’t it the most important?

  7. Hey Loki,
    I feel your pain, I have been thinking about closing down my Sims as well and leaving SL, over the last few weeks I have no desire to be there anymore.

  8. Loki your islands are what made me decide to be kid in sl also.. and in a way what keep me in sl.. but i want you to be happy also. as that is the point.

    even though i have really not gotten to know you as well as i have grown to know the others..

    YOU are sorta my sl idol and hero.. so stay strong. 🙂 but whatever you do i just want you to be happy as you have already given us so much..

  9. mythica is fergotten hehe. only other screename. just wanted to let ya know.. hehe lame but was from first mmorpg hehe.

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