Melancholy start to the year

The problem with starting a new year i find is that i look forward to doing so much that i get confused over what to start with.

For instance i have been working on Building a replica working victorian Spinning Mule for New Babbage. At the same time I’ve been looking at SL to Mysql databases in an attempt to create a reliable score keeping system that won’t disable if  anything in SL is reset. I hit a snag though as my Hosting service is behind the times so I’m having to consider a new hosting service which is going to delay my SL work. There is also the Fitted Mesh feature thats now moved to release candidate beta and i’ve yet to figure out how to use it for future products.

I also had a crisis moment trying to decide what is the best way to communicate with my community. People use so many different ways to get notices and info from Second Life groups now its frustratingly complicated. In all i think there are now 5 or 6 separate avenues of communicating the same information. Inworld Group Chat, Group notices, SLfeed, Facebook, twitter, plurk. I wish there was some beautifully organised centralised place to go to for group communication and one button to send notices out to all not just Facebook.

The melancholy feeling i have comes from the feeling that I’m being less and less social in Second Life as the communications become more fragmented and all i do is build and build, and post messages on twitter and SL feed. I don’t play in SL.

So thats my New Year moaning done, which is basically the same moan as last year and the year before. Why am i the only one who thinks group communications could be so much better with a tiny bit of thought put into it.

1 thought on “Melancholy start to the year

  1. oh man you are sooo echoing my thoughts and feelings but such are the worries of creative folks I suppose….it might be classified as a pathology hihihi. Seriously: you have this year already done more than most bankers do in their lifetime. Doing being defined as making things happen that impact others in a positive way! Cheers :_)

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