SL5B – The Residents Loved Childhood Dreams

Well its all over almost. All the drama surrounding the event will be laid to rest for a while (at least until Burning Life). I’ve had many kind words from residents who visited the Dome and had a wonderful experience. Here are just a few of the messages i and rest of the team got during the two weeks of SL5B.

“:) Hello Loki, wonderful exhibit at the SL5B, very creative…….thank you for sharing it.”

“I love love love loved your Storytime Epcot Exhibit at the SL5B. VERY well done. :)”

“I’ve just been through your wonderful exhibit at SL5B. What an joyous, insightful experience! You and your friends have created a fantastic experience. ”

“I almost boycotted SL5B because of the whole child AV refusal debacle. I am so very glad that I didn’t. This truly captures the essense of what being a child here, being a part of this wonderful community, and having a family is all about here in SL. ”

“had a look inside just before everything opened, and it’s simply amazing
hmmm time for me to go… nice meeting you and thanks for a great build (and experience, inside it)”

” Saw your dome at the SL5B.. it’s brilliant.. :D.. wow”

“your Childhood Dreams build at SL5B is wonderful! i’m glad it is here… :)”

“Loki! Your exhibit at SL5B is so amazing! I want to live in it :)”

The messages go on.

I could not be happier with the response i got. I was a bit worried i’d not be able to pull off the idea of a story experience in a dome. I was’nt even sure i could create a dome!. But with help from my friends and the team that formed to help i had nothing to worry about 🙂

Gemini and Kris have expressed interest in placing the dome somewhere permanent, but as yet i had not really thought about what will happen to the dome. It will probably vanish to be left as a fun memory in those who experienced it.

[UPDATE] : im working on having a book published of the exhibit. A childrens book with pictures from the exhibit. Will post an update here once i have found out the quality of the printing. 🙂

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  1. I saw the piccies of the book on yer flickr. Lemme know if ya do end up sellin it or anyting, kay? I wanna get a copy of it.

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