Goony Adventure – The light hearted SL5B fly over!

YUP, could not have Sl5B without a Goony Adventure over the many Sims. We started at the SLC Childhood Dreams Dome 🙂 before inadvertedly flying into a black and white film.

After escaping this giant room we made our way South passing through what seemed like a kaleidoscope Storm of wonderful flickering colours. Some of the goonies puked over the side of the ship from dizziness.

We made it through the storm and across perilous Sim boarders before asking a pink elephant for directions to any parties that might be going on.

Realising that the Elephant was just a bunch of prims that could not speak, we decided to head for the main stage. We travelled over miles of boring uninteresting rushed exhibits, pausing briefly to look at the statue of David who had no nipples. We arrived at the main stage to find it empty. Hmmm, where could everyone be?

Finally we saw on the map a huge party up north so i released all pressure in the Icarus engine and made way to the gathering of green dots. We found the sim full and impossible to cross into, but persistence paid off and the Icarus Air Ship finally pushed through.

We scaled a giant structure similar i guess to the Sydney Opera House and while traveling around the back we suddenly realised we had gate crashed one of Linden Labs precious Business/Education seminars. Us being kids quickly flew away not wanting to hear about education, YUK! and because some residents were looking at us suspiciously as if wondering if we were griefers! :-p So we all waved and shouted the goony motto before steaming away…..

All in all, not to bad an adventure…..

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