SL5B – Linden Lab Loves Kid Avatars because the make the grid go round and round

My project is finished in SL5B, all thats left to do is promote it. It’s been an interesting roller coaster this year, never did me or Marianne think our ideas for SL5B would create such a huge pile of drama.

At the core of it all is a true story, some people know it, some have just been swept along with exaggerated assumptions. I would love to post the chatlog of the faitful meeting with Dusty Linden just to lay down the truth, but i’m not sure if it wold break TOS of Secondlife.

All i can say on my blog is that the truth IS that when i and marianne submitted our ideas we were taken a side and told we COULD build them but not to represent our community of Child Avatars. So if we want to use the word BAN in any context then it should be that Child Avatars were NOT banned from visiting or building in SL5B, but WERE banned from building anything to represent the SLC and Child Avatar community at the Linden Lab Sponsored events. This is the TRUTH that can not be over written by any official blog posts.

What else is true is that Linden Lab did rethink its decision. Wether this was because they had a change of heart, got slapped by other Lindens, explosion of scathing blog stories or pressure from their resident protests i guess we’ll never know. I and many others were allowed to resubmit our ideas and i think ALL of them were this time accepted with an agreement to stick to guidelines. These guidelines seemed straight forward enough and made me wonder exactly what they were expecting me to build?

Anyway with help from Myrtil, Sven, Akiko, Flo and Jimmy we managed to create the Childhood Dreams Dome pretty much exactly how i had envisioned it before linden Lab kicked up a fuss. Its an interactive journey through a cloudscape of dreams telling the stor of a man who dreamt he was a boy again and the adventure he has with new found friends. A symbolic representation of the Second Life Child Avatar that i hope inspires and enlightens other residents who visit it.

The only change i had to make to the build was the name of it, i had to change ‘The Slumberland Dome’ to ‘The Childhood Dreams Dome’. If only Dusty had said that at the start! I also decided to go ahead and place the SLC logo on it after a few concerns about what people thought about me and some of my friends.

Ok so below is a sneak peak at the Childhood Dreams Dome. Hope you find time to visit it….

visit it here at the MOVE sim

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  1. Visited the Dome a couple of days ago, with some friends – absolutely enchanting! It was wonderful – and when i fell off the tower (mind your step everyone!) at least the clouds i landed on were soft!

    Thanks Loki!

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