The Circle is complete

So yeh, Linden Lab decided it was actually ok for me to make a build representing the SLC. Just what the SLC stands for is being questioned by some at the moment. When it was first formed couple years ago it was just a group of people who were kid avatars, a way for the child av community to communicate with each other and share info and advice and a group to feel belonged to.

Since the initial meeting with Dusty Linden, some of the SLC members have been busy campaigning to the other contributers and LL to get their decision reversed and during the week their determination finally paid off. LL do make mistakes, and do listen and after being given the opportunity to resubmit my exhibit Dusty said she was excited that we where allowed to take part and that she could not wait to see the Tale Of Will realised.

The only catch is Dusty and Everett Linden both have to look over my shoulder at my exhibit while its being built, but i dont see a problem in that. I’m enjoying the fact that LL are taking such a personal interest in what i do. It closes the gap between LL and Child avatars. The more info about what drive child avatars that gets through to LL the better.

2 thoughts on “The Circle is complete

  1. Great news, Loki, i look forward to visiting the build! Oh… if they are looking over your shoulder, how about wing mirrors so’s you can look back? hehe

    Have fun!

  2. Pull out, remove the SLC from the SL5b, that is what more and more are saying.

    No Photos of Kids and their Parents, No beds to jump on….

    How can the SLC officially endorse this travesty?

    Delete the build and tell Dusty to shove it.

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