The Kids5B mess

I spent most of yesterday at my island trying to avoid anything to do with Kids5b, but instead i ended up explaining my reasons for not taking part to everyone. The idea was that i would not be happy with what anyone did there and that i’d want to take control and change it all, so i could not take part.

Myrtil managed to convince me to go take a look at what had been done so far and i wish i had’nt as i was shocked at the disorganised mess. There is no clear vision or co-ordination there and i cant handle that! its not fair on all the builders putting so much effort into it.

[UPDATE] i apologise for sounding like i did not think the builders there are doing a good job, my rant was towards the very thing that does not exist there

6 thoughts on “The Kids5B mess

  1. Loki, what you have contributed to the kids AV community is huge, you do not have to defend your decision to me, it is your choice, and i will always defend people’s right to make their own choices.

    Please people, lets no fall out over this, we keep saying we are a tolerant and relaxed community, so lets behave that way.

  2. I personally think the broad, grass-roots participation of Kids5B does much more for our community – and reflects much better on it – than some notion of a “perfect build”. If consensus and community means “disorganized mess”, that’s just fine with me.

  3. When I was 10 I had a friend named Jason. I was staying over at his house one time and his parents were going to throw him a 10th birthday party and they wanted it to be the best party he’d ever been to. They argued over cakes, decorations, party favors, calling his friends, cleaning the house. It got quite loud. Even during the party there was conflict between his parents. See, they wanted his party to be PERFECT
    Jason was very upset the whole time. He told me it was the worst birthday party ever. See, he wanted his parents to stop yelling at each other.

    I know this is my first year here so this celebration doesn’t mean as much to me as others. But to me, watching my friends argue and get upset and make such a huge deal about the party is upsetting.

    I sure hope the stress and bickering about a party doesn’t spoil the joy of the birthday.

  4. I think we need to remember this is supposed to be a celebration but it seems to be the opposite of that. I think perhaps we should forget the building this year and just have one big kid community party

  5. so the notecard myrtil sent out was unable to be opened… and a lot of American kids won’t be able to make your meeting, so would you mind talking about your ideas on how you would like to help the group here so we have our chance to comment as well?

  6. You are a hipocrit Loki and how the hell you were even chosen to represent Kids at SL5B is beyond me.

    When Dusty first said you were not allowed you folded like a wuss, now you fold again when they ban photos of kids and parents.

    You should be ashamed.

    Retrire to your Sim and let the decent kids of SL set their own direction.

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