Can Second Life again be revolutionary in the eyes of the media?

In reply to my previous post on thoughts about second life, that old chestnut of ‘talking about SL to friends with blank faces’ popped up.

Since the hype bubble burst SL has been playing catch up with the rest of the mobile social network lead tech world. The shift in using low spec mobile devices, notebooks and tablets has probably left many to experience SL at it’s worst. Would be interesting to know what percent of hard core Second Life users are using the latest hardware configurations and buy computers with Second Life specifically in mind.

There was a time everyone on the planet knew about SL, chances are they still remember the name and chuckle at the retro nostalgia of it all. For SL to be new in the eyes of the media, it would need to do something NEW and REVOLUTIONARY, even though SL is still quite revolutionary.

If Second life became suddenly easy and accessible to everyone even on tablets and mobiles, would that rekindle media interest?.

If Second Life repurposed the idea of easy creation with prims so that you could share and export them to be 3D printed, would that be something new?

When Oculus rift is released and people can use it with Second Life to explore thousands of virtual spaces, will that matter?

If Second Life branched off to offer singular game engine service that used SL created content to build spaces shared on Desura, would that be a big enough revolution in how games are made?


6 thoughts on “Can Second Life again be revolutionary in the eyes of the media?

  1. I am not a big believer in the mobile devices, for starters I don’t have any but I also think that SL just isn’t that impressive on them.
    It will be handy for those of us already in SL to chat and be social while away from our main computer, but besides that, I don’t expect much.

    However I do think that the Oculus Rift COULD make a huge difference.
    SL still is the biggest user created virtual world out there and when people get their OR or other VR headset (and I think most people will get one) they will play a few games, try a few demos but will remain hungry for more VR experiences.
    IF LL plays its cards right and spends a bit on advertising when the commercial OR comes out, it could create another hype.
    Because what is more fun than exploring a world designed by some swanky game studio… exploring a world YOU’ve build of course.
    What game allows you such freedom as SL and what software makes it so easy to simply meet up with friends from all over the world in a little place you’ve build yourself?

    • Mobile does not just mean Phones and Tablets anymore, it includes Notebooks. The whole PC making industry is finding it hard due to a massive shift in users moving to notebooks and tablets. At the last Apple Keynote Time Cook joked “Remember Notebooks?” suggesting that even lower spec small notebooks are on the way out to be replaced by tablets. And since at SL’s core is social shared experience, it would make sense if LL tried to allow all these people now on notebook and tablets access to Second Lifes shared world.

      Im still not convinced by the Oculus Jesus Effect. I am extremely sceptical that Linden Lab can offer enough features within the oculus view to allow casual usage of SL without feeling sick.

  2. The killer app that SL always had and still has versus other social media platforms and even MMOs is freedom to pursue whatever you want AND longterm engaging versus the fast in/out thingie so popular still with Twitter etc. I believe the pendulum in digital entertainment will swing back in favor of longer more deeper engagement with others, with issues, with entertainment even. And I just commented on the previous post where I agree with Nat: I met people EVERYDAY who have never heard of SL, never knew that the VW category exists in internet-land, and I am NOT only talking about old geezers! That IMO is a huge advantage for LL to capitalize while reinventing when the time comes for big media campaign and/or ideas you suggest here! Oculus as well = the interface that facilitates immersion goes hand in hand with a revival of VWs!!!!

    • When Linden Lab does a “big media campaign” it’ll be history in the making ‘That was the year Linden Lab di the big media campaign, and it was…..”

  3. Second Life’s identity crisis as complicated multifaceted internet software continues in its second decade: visualization tool, social medium, rapid development platform, virtual world, scripting environment, game engine, telepresence tool, 3D Internet. Second Life can again be revolutionary in the eyes of the media, but SL represents different things to different people as tool for communication. The media never did “get it”. As SL continues to define itself both in parallel and in development with other technologies, the engaging possibilities will only continue to grow.

    • I understand that Second Life is not a One feature creature and when it comes to explaining what Second Life is to people i always have to say ‘ well where do i start’. What i think I’m saying is that the original mind blowing concept of a shared 3d space where you can do anything is old news now. Everything else that SL can do is nothing original. The fact Second Life can do all these different things badly or good enough in one place does not interest the media. I just think if the Media were to take an interest in SL again, it would probably have to be because of something innovative and new that they have not seen, or think they have not seen before.

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