T H E W E L L 2 : Sollicitus – Horror Experience in SL

Last year i made an experience which was and experiment to see wether i could actually scare SL users with an experience in Second Life. The result was pleasingly popular with many saying they had lots of fun being made to jump out of their skin. While they loved the experience many did say it was rather too short and wished it had been longer.


Well this year i went back and rebuilt the entire thing, expanding the concept. The caves are 5 times longer with 4 levels and with the addition of having to choose your path the terror can last quite a while as you get more and more lost in the tunnels not knowing wether you are going back or forwards. There is also more of a story element to it and thanks to Drax and kaleo’s voice acting more dramatic experience.

The story is that a year after the events of last 2012, a team of scientific investigators are sent down the well to understand the caves strange geology and maybe find a clue to why the rescue team and a young boy disappeared with no trace. You arrive a day later than the rest of the team to find the make shift lab abandoned.



Building The Well 2

Last year i imagined i would simply just rez the old well again to save time, but since last year  I’ve learnt more about building with mesh and we’ve had Materials feature added to Second Life. So i basically rebuilt everything from scratch. I was most interested in how materials would enhance the experience. the most noticeable use of material mapping is in how the tunnel rocks seem more detailed and damp. Materials also make the new monsters that much more detailed, slimy and gruesome.

I remember Torley Linden once saying he wanted to see more good use of projector lighting and shadows, so i tried hard to position lighting just right. I also managed to create a hyper fast strobing effect for an eerie atmosphere. Projectors are also great for controlling shadows.





I wanted to try and make something that could did not look like it could have been done on Second Life. Of course unless you have Advanced Lighting , Materials and projector lighting with shadows you will never get to see all this extra work. At least give it a try, you never know, your computer might be able to handle it.

The HUD uses a number of tricks I’ve learnt in the past year. When you first wear the HUD it will take you through a short intro before showing some instructions. It then asks you to accept a teleport request to venture down the well to start the experience. Once you have gone down the well you have given the HUD permission to teleport you when ever it wants to. For the rest of the experience you simply make choices by clicking on items presented to you, listen or read bits of story and avoid touching little shadows who will drain your sanity bar.

This is the biggest most complete experience I’ve done yet and while the modelling and building is complex, the experience itself i hope is simple and immersive enough to work well in the flakey Second Life environment.

I’m charging L$100 for the HUD you need to wear to Experience THE WELL. i hope those who take a look enjoy themselves, get scared, laugh and generally have a fun time.

LAND MARK TO THE WELL: SOLLICITUS – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Escapades/218/232/3003

5 thoughts on “T H E W E L L 2 : Sollicitus – Horror Experience in SL

  1. Very impressed with The Well experience. Some very disturbing set pieces (have I mentioned recently I think you’re sick and twisted?). But a really good feel to the story. And great prizes at the end too 🙂

  2. Utterly enjoyable, Loki. I loved your use of lighting and materials. The settings for the monsters were all really nicely built. Despite using ultra settings with all the stops pulled out there was no lag, which is a pleasant surprise. I liked your storytelling, and the hud worked very smoothly with that. I hate to publically admit to this, but I screamed a few times down in those tunnels, woke up my family, and had to come back in the RL daytime to keep going. Yes you are a total sicko 🙂

    • Thank you very much, I’m glad you got the best out of the experience. It gives me confidence that the platform does work WELL enough XD

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