Eight years invested in Second Life

So here we are, my rez day marking 8 years in Second Life. I haven’t received my Linden Cake yet, maybe they don’t do that anymore or maybe it hasn’t been sent yet cos its early in america. As usual i made a pic showing my avatar through the years. My head has stayed pretty much the same all be it a little smaller than last year. A lot of my friends seem to have shrunk in the past year as people try out the tadaleedoosdah Toddler Avatars, or maybe I’m just getting older :-s.


The biggest improvement from last year has to be the material mapping of clothes and surrounding environments. It just enhances everything, from the wrinkles in my clothes to the highlighting of surfaces. But while many people dont see the material mapping either through slow TPV uptake or simply not switching it on, it’s boosted my creativity in SL.

It’s been a busy year. One where ive built lots of different things and gained a lot in Scripting and last week i impressed myself by creating a tree house in 24 hours. When Linden Lab finally get round to releasing Experience Permissions i am gonna be SOOO ready.

Im already looking ahead to next year. Ive already planed what im doing for SL11B, Im writing stories for New Babbage and finally rebuilding the sculpty parts of Escapades Island looks to be getting easier.

But as always i gotta thank everyone who takes interest in what i do, without you all there would be no point to it all 🙂 So thanks everyone!


2 thoughts on “Eight years invested in Second Life

  1. Congratulations on reaching your 8th Rez day – you are in good company, Lanai Jarrico of the SL Enquirer has also reached 8 years in SL and I am sorry to inform you, there is no cake coming….

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