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Its hard being away for so long I still get all the notices from SL of what people are buying, that people are sending me stuff, and random bits of info on whats going on. But its frustrating that i cant hang out and be with my friends. I pop in for 15 minutes a day to see my brother but im unable to go on adventures, build new things or maintain what i already have in SL.
One of the unfortunate happenings was the dissapearance of the SLC youth centre. That will be the first thing i’ll wonna work on when i get back..
But when will that be?? it all depends on hardware. My typist needs to get his hands on a spiffing new Macbook Pro, but with rumours rampant about new models coming out this month he has held off getting one.
It looks like March will be the month i return to Nemo Beach. So fingers cross everything will be ok.

2 thoughts on “Waiting game

  1. Roll on March!

    Hadn’t realised the SLC Centre had vanished, guess i should pop in more often!

    Hope your typist has fun with the new Mac – Macs are waterproof aren’t they, perfect for the Beach 🙂 errr… what do you mean wrong sort of mac?

  2. march well that will be just dandy other than being whole month away..

    RL bday is in march i cant think of better birthday pressie than ta have you back (other than xbox360 cause cousin got one and i hafta keep up.:). miss you alot and hope to go on alot of adventures when you come back as im completely into sl now.8*)

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