Loki is still around – spread the word!

Ok so its only been two weeks but it feels like months. I get into SL occasionally to make sure payments are up to speed. Anshe Chung has decided to change the way rent is paid on the Dreamland in that i no longer have the comfort of Paypal subscriptions. This means i have to visit the great dreamland land managment building located to the south east of Sunrise, a task thats real difficult at the moment.

I’d like to thank those who have been very generous with donations to help with rent, and to those who have sent me best wishes through the various contacts i still have. It upsets me and frustrates me that i cant spend time in SL amongst my dear friends.

*A lot of you are asking many questions about Loki’s absence. Officially, Loki can not be with you at the moment because his RW typist has to deal with a major crisis in RW which does not involve secondlife or any of Loki’s friends. Loki misses you all and hopes to be back having goony adventures again soon.*

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