Important message from Loki

A lot of you may have started to notice i’ve not been in SL for a while. Might seem out of character since i recently talked about al the stuff i wanted to do in SL this year. But sometimes real world comes along and bites you in the butt meaning even escape to SL is impossible.

First of all, I’m ok, and you have nothing to worry about as im not suffering from some illness. I wont be in SL much at all this year because of personal issues RW. I thank all of those who have expressed their concerns and i will try and come onworld when ever i can to check up on you all.

Second because of my troubles me, my bro and kris have decided to put on hold the moving of the island until i’m back properly. This means you all need to take good care of my islands as i might not be able to get in and clear up your mess. I have given Gemini Enfield my special goony powers so he can deal with anything serious that might happen, so contact him in case of emergencies.

I love you all, and wish i could be a more active part of 2008 but somethings you cant see coming and you have to change accordingly to deal with them. Do not worry though, i will be back and in the meantime have fun, do amazing things so when i get back i can be impressed.

Take care of each other


3 thoughts on “Important message from Loki

  1. Thanks for letting us know, Loki 🙂 Look forward to seeing you when you are on, and will try not to leave stuff lying around at the islands.

    Take care, and never forget we miss you when you are not around.

  2. Yep, all like Tepic said…

    Don’t let us too long in the power of the evil Gemini!!!

    More seriously, I hope all will be soon easier and better for you. We will go on our kids lifes and make a big party when you will be back properly! Take care.

  3. Oh Bloody Hell, abandoned!

    Just kidding! Well, whatever your up to in real life, take care of yourself as well as we will take care of the islands. Hopefully, it is written in the covenant that I get first rights to destroy any evil pirates or serpent monkeys!


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