Happy new 2008!

Well ive taken a rather large break, a couple of days not being in SL witch must be freaking out quite a few who i had not told i’d be away so long :-p. Its a break ive needed for quite some time and has cleared my head as i untangle my many life projects :-).

So lets talk about Second Life. I’m not going to talk about the SLC here, you can check out the proper site here slchildren for my views on the group.
2007 has been difficult for a number of reasons, i dont know wether Linden Lab are aware of how much stress and trauma they put their users through while attempting to update, sell us and improve their virtual product. I sometimes wonder how long it will be before companies like this become libel for psychological damage to its users. I guess they will have to put in the ever changing TOS that you play at your own risk to mental health. I made some great new friends in 2007, and lost a few due to time zones and being busy. When doing as much as i do it comes to a point that if the world dont run smooth then you get a barrage of problems you did not ask for. This happend to me with vendors no longer working properly and Viewer Clients no longer working on my half year old Mac Set up. This led to my shops being mostly dysfunctional and with hands tied doing other projects was hard to correct.

I did manage to do some experiments within SL. I looked at how well Events can be held in SL and how they can be used to promote communities. The worst was SL4B which was a shambles of an event, badly planned, badly organised and just felt small and incomplete in comparison to other events.

Second was the Relay For Life, which i was drawn into quite randomly. I spent an entire weekend working on a huge build that i pulled out of my ass ive a feel for steampunk. The entire collection of sims was amazing, it was a true example of peoples imaginations which is something thats now lacking in SL while people look to make their monies back by renting plots of lands to build pre-made boxy houses and advertisements for over sized shopping malls. On the day of the race, i did not really know what to expect, but was surprised and amazed at the amount of people who was walking around the set path, you could see them all on the mini map. A great event and for a very good cause as they managed to raise $118,500 towards cancer research.

Third and my favourite was Burning life. I wish i had done more for this as i had not realised just how big it was going to be, it dwarfed SL4B and had such a great sense of belonging in the Second life verse. With all the controversy over the organising team and of course the “nipplegate” drama, Burning Life in the end captured a community spirit more than any other event in SL. on the night of the party i and friends had our party at the orange rocket crash site and could see all through the burning life sims hundreds of others doing the same with their own fires. Its hard in SL to bring the community together without the sims being full. Burning Life managed to bring the festival spirit to SL and pathe the way for festivals in the future!

So with these events know being calander events now, i think this year we can expect some real fun stuff happening. I hope to be more organised and have set plans for events this year. The SLC is a strong group and i hope to do more with its members. I have ideas for a festival this year in May. Moving the island should make more stuff possible.

2007 was a year of change in SL. The way Linden Lab did things changed. The way people looked at us kid Avs did change and i think this year Second life will march towards a family orientated virtual world. Just how us kid Avs will fit into this i dont know. I’ll write more about that on the SLC blog.

One things for sure, SL is what WE make of it, we tip toe around Linden Labs crazy policy changes, TOS rewrites and heavy handed suspensions, to have a good time with our friends. its the same as real world, just i can fly in SL :-p

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